The GREEN ANGEL Institute’s main line of business is to handle certification and product conformity assessment processes. Our Institute follows the directives of the quality management system conforming with the requirements of the current issue of norm PN-EN ISO/IEC 17065.

    The Institute’s top management warrant that:

  • they guarantee the resources needed to implement the policies and to maintain and better the quality management system at the Institute,
  • the quality management system fulfils the requirements for conducting product certification processes,
  • the Institute operates according to the principles contained in the Quality Management System Manual and related documentation,
  • the Institute’s staff is familiar with the quality management system documentation and they implement the relevant policies and procedures in their work,
  • customer service is provided on the principle of equality, with neither party privileged,
  • certification processes are handled in an impartial and independent manner, observing applicable laws,
  • the services offered are available on equal terms to everyone concerned, regardless of the entity’s size, membership in associations and groups, and the number of certificates already held,
  • they have resources and means adequate to the business operated,
  • the staff possess adequate expertise and experience.

The Institute’s top management undertake to provide customers with high quality services by observing good professional practice at the GREEN ANGEL Institute. All Institute’s employees do their utmost to make every customer satisfied with the quality of service received. Certification processes are always conducted against the requirements and reference documents agreed with the customer. The management always make sovereign and independent process decisions, and the Product Certification Body operates with total impartiality. All information obtained while providing services to customers is confidential and stored in a way that guarantees its security. The implemented management system guarantees that the quality of the services rendered is not negatively affected by their volume, and the management and personnel are free from any commercial, financial or other undue influence which could compromise the quality of their work.
The Institute’ overriding objective is to professionally act towards the development and popularisation among its customers of the safety and quality directive with reference to their products, and to build and maintain the reputation of a reliable, friendly and trustworthy business partner. Our additional objectives are: continuous development of the services portfolio, furthering the qualifications and skills of our staff, quick response the customers’ needs and guaranteeing full objectivity of the work performed.