Policy of impartiality


    The Institute’s top management warrant that product certification operations are conducted in an impartial, objective and independent manner. The management additionally warrant that:

  • they identify risks to impartiality and prevent situations which could lead to a conflict of interests,
  • the Product Certification Body takes its own decisions based on objective evidence gathered during the assessment,
  • does not conduct any business which could lay it open to charges of discrimination, lack of objectivity or confidentiality in assessment processes,
  • all Institute staff are obliged to act impartially and to refuse to yield under pressure and undue influences,
  • the assessment staff will reveal every circumstance known to them that can lead to a conflict of interest,
  • does not conduct closed training,
  • does not offer consulting services, subcontract audits to organisations which offer consulting services, nor does it suggest that using certain consulting services might facilitate certification,
  • does not conduct internal audits for its customers, nor does it offer its services in collaboration with consulting organisations,
  • does not design, manufacture, release onto the market, or distribute products for which it conducts assessments,
  • selects and assigns staff to perform tasks in such a way, as to eliminate potential sources of danger to impartiality, related to services which may have been rendered in the past, especially consulting ones,
  • takes adequate measures in reaction to all hazards to its impartiality which could result from any third party, body or organisation activity,
  • in case of a conflict of interest the body shall refuse to conduct certification process.

All events pointing to a lack of impartiality are verified and assessed by the independent Impartiality Protection Committee of the GREEN ANGEL Institute.