How to find product norms?


Conformity assessment involves inspecting and testing the products against the provisions of applicable directives, product norms and other normative documents. To verify that their requirements are fulfilled, the stakeholder ought to find out about the applicable legal basis.
Access to the directives is free of charge, and it consists in finding and downloading a relevant file from the database of European Union legal acts. Norms, on the other hand, are available against payment. In Poland, norms are developed and sold by the Polish Committee for Standardization (PKN).. PKN’s website contains an extensive norm search engine, which can be used to find the requested norm by its number, title, scope, ICS, publication date, status, and many other criteria. The Polish Committee for Standardisation currently provides access to norms in four forms: a downloadable file, a CD, a hard copy and temporary reading room access, without the possibility to save or print out the content.
All norms are copyright protected. No part of a norm can be reproduced in any way.