Why choose the GREEN ANGEL?


We encourage you to make use of the GREEN ANGEL experience in product conformity assessment. Our highly qualified experts will help select the right legal bases in the form of directives and norms applicable to a given type of product. This will eliminate unnecessary costs.
Voluntary certification carried out by the GREEN ANGEL will additionally help set the products apart from the competitors and build a solid reputation in the customers’ eyes.

Product conformity assessment

According to the provisions of the Conformity Assessment System Act (journal of laws Dziennik Ustaw 2002.166.1360 as amended), all products placed on the market or put into operation need to be subjected to obligatory assessment of their conformity with baseline and specific requirements. Baseline requirements are defined as the requirements for product characteristics, design or production, that are laid out in the new approach directives. Specific requirements, on the other hand, are the requirements that a product should fulfil, that are set out in other European Communities laws than the new approach directives. It is assumed that the product fulfils baseline requirements if it conforms with the provisions of applicable norms.
The manufacturer, his authorised representative or importer are responsible for conducting conformity assessment. In practice, conformity assessment is quite a difficult and complicated process, as it requires that the selection of criteria documents, in the form of directives, norms and other normative documents, is appropriate for the product assessed.
Errors in conducting conformity assessment may lead to financial and legal consequences. Market supervision authorities, if irregularities in product safety are discovered, may levy penalties, and in specific cases order a withdrawal of the offending product from the market.