The assessment of ergonomic efficiency


The assessment of ergonomic efficiency and design solutions is a valid concern in product design and manufacturing. The correct and adequate tailoring of technical objects to the needs and expectations of their users has grown into the essence of the development policy of many a business. Products which are geared to the needs of end users get more market recognition and ensure a stable growth in sales.

GREEN ANGEL offers comprehensive technical services in evaluating product ergonomics and design solutions.

Scope of services:

  • verification of product correspondence with the sizes and shapes of the human body,
  • assessment of product functionality,
  • evaluation of product efficiency and usefulness,
  • verification of adjustment and repair susceptibility,
  • safety and comfort of use tests,
  • verification of the aesthetic appeal and quality of finish,
  • determining the methods of eliminating the nuisance and hazards caused by products,
  • determining the influence of products on their users.