Interlaboratory comparisons


ILC – Interlaboratory Comparisons – organization, performance and evaluation of measurements or tests of the same or similar facilities, by at least two laboratories, in accordance with predefined conditions (EN ISO / IEC 17043, 3.4).

GREEN ANGEL organizes inter-laboratory tests in the field of mechanical and chemical requirements (content and emission) of wood-based products. After testing, GREEN ANGEL experts develop a measurement evaluation report based on the ISO / IEC 17043 standard.

    Benefits for laboratories:

  • the ability to analyze the conduct of research and thus check the quality of your work,
  • receiving materials for analysis in order to improve the staff and method and to introduce possible corrective and preventive actions,
  • the ability to check staff proficiency,
  • reducing the cost of validating methods used by the laboratory,
  • providing information on the uncertainty used,
  • providing organizations assessing the competence of laboratories with evidence confirming the quality and reliability of performed analyzes,
  • providing additional elements of trust for customers, thereby avoiding additional costs caused by the complaint handling process,
  • comparison with other units,
  • obtaining accreditation.