Inspection of Technical and Organisational Conditions


An Inspection of Technical and Organisational Conditions (a TOC Inspection) is one of the key elements of the product certification process. The main purpose of a TOC Inspection is to verify and confirm that the applicant has organisational and technical resources to maintain production reproducibility.

An inspector will take samples for laboratory testing during a TOC Inspection, as a rule.

    What is checked during TOC Inspections?

  • The Quality Management System (system procedures and accompanying documentation).
  • Delivery receipt process (acceptance and inspection of goods, handling faulty raw materials/ elements/ components, supplier qualification).
  • Production processes (production supervision, documentation relating to supervision ad certified products, intermediate processes.

  • The final examination of the finished product (the methods of examination and examination testing, process documentation, evidence, staff qualifications, designation).
  • Measurement and control equipment (supervision of the measurement and control equipment, calibration, inspections and designation).
  • End processes (packing, instructions, appendices, accompanying documentation, warehousing, dispatch and transport).

    Main principles of a TOC Inspection:

  • The product undergoing certification must be in production during an Inspection of Technical and Organisational Conditions.
  • The inspector must be allowed access to all the elements of the production process and documentation that are crucial to the assessed product.
  • The applicant’s representative ought to accompany the Product Certification Body’s inspector throughout the inspection.